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Great Gorillas


This site is being put together by someone who has lived in the village of 'The Offords' for many many years. I grew up in 'The Offords' and for 19 years I lived nowhere else. I went to school in the village, I grew up in the village.

St Peters Church

As is always the way though, I grew up and reached the teenage years. This is when I found the limitations of the villages. It's in the middle of nowhere when you have to rely on your parents car, buses or bicycle for transport.

Now the reason for this website.

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this page so far.
For many years since leaving the village I have thought that I would like to show my appreciation in some way.
Something that shows the world a little about 'The Village' I grew up in.
At the same time though I thought I could maybe give something back to 'The Village'. Provide the community with somewhere to show what's on and what's here.

There are other sites out there on the web that do this already and you may of already been to some of them, I just didn't think they were right and so I decided that I would put something together.

I have put this site together very quickly so please if you find anything wrong with it let me know via the contact page.