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A14 Action Group

The Offords A14 Action Group was formed in response to the proposal for the development of a new route for the A14 that will mean that over 100,000 vehicles will pass within a mile from the village.

The Offords A14 Action Group

If you would like to register your support, opinion or interest in the A14 Action group, or you just want to find out more information then you should look at the website where can be found here:


The Offords A14 Action group was formed at an inaugural meeting of concerned village members at the Horseshoe Pub on Friday the 29th of April. Gary Mardlin chaired the meeting and introductions were made.

The following was decided:
The group would adopt the name 'Offords A14 Action Group'


The following objectives of the Group were determined:

  • 1. To move the road back to the CHUMMS 2001 route
  • 2. To force a public enquiry into the routing of the A14
  • 3. To press for the public exhibitions to be shown in the Offords